Cedar River Billboard Is Your Source for Roadside Advertising

Cedar River Billboard Is Your Source for Roadside Advertising

You can't beat a yearly lease

Cedar River Billboard offers billboards that are 4-feet-high and 10-feet-wide. All installations are priced based on location and probable traffic. Enjoy the freedom of year-to-year leases. This gives you the opportunity to focus on growing your business without worrying about monthly payments.

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The process:

  1. Pick a location best for your business. This may or may not be in your direct neighborhood.
  2. We design your sign. This usually includes your logo and information you'd like to advertise. When doing this it's best to remember less is more. As your new potential customers drive past they have limited time to gather the info you're looking to share. You are also competing for attention with the other two advertisers on that side of the board. We don't allow two like businesses to advertise on the same structure.
  3. We print and hang your sign on the billboard.

Each structure has a cost labeled, but keep in mind the production cost for the sign is additional the first year with only the spot renewal every year thereafter. Your renewal date is set on the day you start your roadside advertising campaign. This date will never change even if your sign location does. That being said, we can relocate your sign to another structure free of charge if you would like to attract another set of potential customers.

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Discover the benefits of billboard advertising

It's hard to miss a billboard. Especially one that's perfectly executed. Investing in this form of marketing works wonders for your community presence and overall reach. Consider these valuable reasons why you should invest in a billboard for your business:

  • You'll increase your brand awareness
  • There's no direct competition
  • It's an affordable way to gain attention
  • It enhances your professional appeal

Take your business to the next level with roadside advertising. Our team will handle everything from design to production. Call now to get started on your project.